Zuri Zanzibar
Hotel & Resort

"Where modern-meets-traditional African" design

„Their work was chosen among four specialized hotel designers for the logo of our resort Zuri Zanzibar and then to create our entire visual identity with our sales team. They listened to the brief, showed eagerness to get more details and then put their heart and soul into our project.
I cannot recommend them enough as they have created a fantastic and easily recognizable logo, visual identity and a truly unique Zuri brand style.“

— Václav Dejčmar, Co-owner of Zuri Zanzibar Hotel & Resort, RSJ Group, DOX



We were honored to meet the exhilarating challenge of creating a full brand image for one of Africa's most magnificent hotel resorts. The Zuri Zanzibar Hotel & Resort is a truly unique place where modernity meets the historic and blends together in perfect harmony. The footprint of Tanzanian culture is instantly recognisable as it runs throughout the architecture and interior of the resort.

"Zuri" means "beautiful" in Swahili and it's easy to see why this Czech made resort bears this name.


It was our aim to capture the personality of Zuri, to think of Zuri as a lifestyle, to represent the complete Zuri experience. A vital aspect of our design process was to ensure that the roots of traditional Tanzanian design were evident in our solutions.

Zuri's philosophy is ‘’stop doing and start being’’ this fundamental message was foremost in our minds and inspired us throughout the entire creative process. With each of our design choices we strived to ensure that Zuri’s guests were helped to feel truly present in the moment.

Result and evaluation

We worked with natural materials and recycled paper to create an environmentally conscious theme. Our designs for refillable cosmetics dispensers further enforced this environmentally friendly model. The Zuri logo was incorporated as a stamp for handmade soap bars which are manufactured locally by the Zanizibarian women.

The visual concept we envisaged is felt seamlessly as you pass throughout the resort and all its retail outlets. It resonates from the boho chic restaurants and vibrant beach bars to the lush zen spas and wellness centres enhancing the guests enjoyment of the complete Zuri experience.

As the first Design Hotels™ member on the Tanzanian archipelago, Zuri Zanzibar is the ultimate spot to take in the natural beauty of the property’s setting on the main island of Unguja.

The unique place where the modern-meets-traditional African design running throughout the hotel architecture and interior (Jestico + Whiles ) along with graphic design, proudly produced by our studio. “Zuri” means “beautiful” in Swahili, which this czech-made resort surely is.

Creating the identity of ZURI from the scratch was a real challenge, because we’ve always thought of it as the PERSONALITY, the LIFESTYLE - the complex ZURI EXPERIENCE.

“Stop "doing" and start
"being". Because, ultimately,
- we are human beings, not human doings!”

emphasizes Václav Dejčmar, the owner and initiator of the whole Zuri project. We kept this thought in our minds through the whole creative process and with each of our design choices we strived to let Zuri’s guests to be truly present in the moment.

ZURI LOGO is inspired by carvings in typical wooden doors mostly found in the Stone Town in Zanzibar. The motive of lotus flower represents the ZEN concept of the resort, which we emphasized with almost hypnotizing centered shapes to embody one the main pillar of ZURI experience which is “to be present, to just be”.

Lean typography is based on african sculptures, its long proportions, in combination with african hand-drawn typography.

To ease customers orientation within the complex before booking or while on site, we have designed overview map of the whole resort as well as maps for each of the 55 bungalows, suites and villas, which are organized in clusters, mirroring a typical African village.

Each cluster associating multiple residential units has been named by Swahili words.
When desiging symbol for each cluster, we came out of the umbrella ZURI’s logo and used one of the lotus petal keep
consistency but create different story/meaning.


Respecting the local enviroment and sustainability, amenities and design items within the zuri bungalows, suites and villas are precisly considered not only in the architecture and interior design but also in the product and graphic design.

Desigining with recycled papers, creating refilable cosmetics dispensers or using local handmade products all together to create the natural zuri experience

“what you do today
is what matters the most”

ZURI BOOK is a wooden box which serves as a guest directory, where all information about the resort can be easily found.

Part of the box also are a notebook with locally made pencil, complimentary postcards, little scented gifts from zuri’s spice garden or handmade beads bracelet.



Resort where modern-meets-traditional african design can be felt not only in the architecture and interior but also in the energy of each of the 6 zuri outlets.

From boho-chic restaurants, vibrant beach bar, afro shop, to zen lush wellness,
We have given Each place its own identity and logo.


first customers contact with the zuri zanzibar hotel & resort is usually through the website. Therefore we’ve created a place where you can soak in the zuri’s vibes and have a hint of your upcoming zuri experience.

Dream honeymoon seeker or diving enthusiast? Several microsites has been designed to introduce to you all possibilities of the zanzibar archipelago.