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MAM: Korunní má nový design od Heels Make Deals

Portál Marketing & Media, MAM, se zaměřil na naši spolupráci s firmou Kofola na rebrandingu minerální vody Karlovarské Korunní. Šlo o největší transformaci značky za posledních 7 let. Článek si můžete přečíst zde -

Case study rebrandingu minerální vody Korunní -

korunni heels make deals redesign

Kofola a.s., Karlovarská Korunní

Creative team:
Art direction: Kateřina Horká, Sabina Samuel

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Collab with WO-MUM

🌿 Exciting Collaboration News! 🌿

At HEELS MAKE DEALS, we've always believed in fashion that makes a statement, both in style and purpose. That's why we're elated to team up with WO-MUM, a beacon of sustainable elegance in the fashion world. Their garments, beautifully crafted by local European designers, aren’t just for the maternity and nursing phase. Every piece is tailored for any woman who wishes to embody elegance and sexiness, all while championing eco-conscious choices.

WO-MUM's commitment goes beyond just design. They're redefining circular fashion with their unique renting option, ensuring that sustainability is woven into every fiber of their brand.

Explore the deeper narrative of blending style, sustainability, and sensuality in our latest case study 👉

Discover more about WO-MUM on instagram @womum.concept or come to visit their POP-UP store at VNITROBLOCK anytime from now until the end of September ❤️

Creative team

Art direction: Kateřina Horká, Sabina Samuel
Design: Tereza Kopečná, Greta Vrabcová
Photo and video: Lucie Mocková

Client: WO-MUM